Yogesh & Jain


About Us

The firm is in existence from more than 25 years and is fully equipped staff along with a well-furnished office having complete international level communication network

The firm has its own panel of Chartered Accountants, IT specialisits, Cost Accountants and MBA's and are empanelled with Reserve Bank of India, Controller and Auditor General of India, Ccentral and State Cooperatives, Securities & Exchange Board of India, Company Law Board, Directrate of Revenue Intelligence, may National-Multinational Banks and various other National-International Agencies for various specialized jobs, differnt type of Audits, its associated services and management support systems.

Our Motto

Long term strategy governs the way we play chess & the way we conduct our business, where every move carefully analysed before it is taken yet staying away the predictable. The philosophy has dictated most of the events from optimising client operations to costs to risks to embarking on a globalisation drive - we have always tried to make the right move at the right time at the right place. "We believe that business is less about being in the right place at the right time and more about the right move at the right time."


The present Scenario: The mantras of liberalization and globalisation altered vevry facet of business and Economic Scenario all over the world. World became a Global Village. Indian economy remained no exception. Decontrol of Industry, Deregulation of Money, the advent of SEBI, opening the doors to Foreign Investors, Privatization, Disinvestment, GATT, Patents, Rights, Transfer Prcing, DTAA, IFRS Global Corporate burst like ENRON etc. were some of the by products of Liberalization and Globalisation. These have resulted in Marathon changes in business ad Industry in India. Thses changes had meteoric impact on the financial world. The emergence of e-commerce, revolutionary chnage in the communication Industry further widened the horzions. Or to honestly admit, confused everybody.
In this dynamic scenarion, the players in the field being-the borrower, the investor, he lender, the Monitoring Agencies need the guidance and support of experienced preofessionals, to face the challenges & complexities of the new environment to successfully achieve their goals & targets in an optimum manner. Its here that Yogesh & Jain comes forward and extends a handholding approach to cross the bridges of turbulent change safely and comfortably.

The Winning Edge

At YnJ, we vision to satisfy the needs of our clients more than what they expect of us. We strive to give patient hearing & make a deep understanding of each minute aspect to an extent of even interpreting important issues remaianing untranslated into wordsby the client.
This ability, backed by our analytical, innovative skills, our age old experinec, in depth study and delivery of concise optimal solutions for diverse situations leads us to give nothing short og excellence. Our efforts right from the very beginning are based upon the foundation of focused vision & timely delivery. Or to say, to get our clientsa winning edge over the rest.


To score a win, we have honed our edge of expertise. Our professionals from the world of Industry and finanace, contribute their combined efforts to generate productive and profitable performances for our clients and us.

Our plus point is the input of up to the minute" technology, which gives our proficiency an edge over others. Our teams has the ability of combining creativity with knowledge, resource to provide value added solutions for our clients particular problems.

Assessment and Management of risk is the key area of concern where continuous monitoring and nursing is expected in the present era.

Our human resource is our biggest asset. Drawn from the field of finance, accountancy, banking, law and management, they provide the dynamics for growth. They have helped us in building a strong bond of relationship with our client by delivering meaningful and cost effective solutions for critical and specific requirements. Our democratic style for leadership has helped oue human resources to take independent decisions, helping solutions instantly.


Financial Advisory and Project Division

YnJ conducts Finanacial reengineering, monitoing and evaluation of Projects, Fund Raising,ECB's, Due Diligence, Viability Studies, Credit verification. We also address Capital Restructing, Rehabilitation, Rescheduling of repayments, Turnarounds, OTS, BIFR and DRT matters. We also do monitoring evaluation and reporting of investment made by Provident & Gratuity Fund Trusts.

Tax and Corporate Laws Division

Tax planning, consulting and compliance services for corporates and others.Fiscal authorities investigation i.e. attending to search/seizure/raids,representation for all types of entities: Incorporation of companies, partnerships,trusts and other entities, opinions on issues of corporate laws, planning, consulting and compliance services under Direct Taxes, Income Tax, Service Tax, MRTP, IT, FEMA and other laws.

Back Office Operations Division

Transaction processing,(Payroll, data entry, fixed assests, expenses, reconcillation's receivable, payables), Documentation services, verification services (Perpetual/Phased) Asset and inventory verification, Conversion from single entry to Double entry system of accounting.

Information and Technology Division

In the changing world of today, wherein manual trasactions are replaced by computerised operations, Information Technology has gained immense importance. Services (Desk Top automation, End user applications, Imaging solutions, Bar code assistance) are some of these which are the gift of IT. Along with this also come the ACTs and their Regulations. Compliance and Regulatory Services viz. a viz. Information Systems Security has assumed great relevance and need.

Audit and Assurance Division

Undertakes Statutory, Internal, Inspection, Revenue, Credit, Stock, Special, management, Operational Tax and Assurance on level of compliance with required Accounting Standards IFRS etc. for Nationalaized, Private, Scheduled, Cooperative & Foreign Co's & Banks, Financial Institutions, Public Sctor Undertaking. It also issues statutory and non-statutory Certificatins, Reports & Attestations

Corporate and Business Advisory Division

Advises,formulates,plans devises & strategizes acquisitions, mergers, take overs and amalgamations.Suggest models for finanacial restructuring and re-engineering. Evaluates brands & business, trademarks, Goodwill,Patents, Transfer Pricing, Designing and Structuring of Financial and Management Systems, e-commerce regulatory and tax aspects, HR synergy, downsizing & reorganization.Developing, analyzing and apraising of Management Information and Control Systems for helping management to take timely decisions.


Corporate Office: C-6/80, East Of Kailash, New Delhi-110065, Delhi

Head Office: C-78, Budshah Nagar, Nati Pura, Srinagar-190015, J&K

Branch Office: Vasant Vihar, Near Chowhdary Petrol Pump, Dumardaga Booty, Ranchi-834007, Jharkhand

Branch Office: 502-A, Alaknanda, Dattani Park, Kandivali East, Mumbai-400101, Maharashtra


+91 9654 421 321